The week of the Bicycle

Well “Bicycle” was the Illustration Friday topic this week, and I have to be really honest, it left me pretty stumped.  Not that I couldn’t come up with a visual or concept, just that none of them seemed to “stick”.  I worked on two different abstract paintings throughout the week, actually devoting more time then I normally would to an Illustration Friday brainstorming session, but it was feeling totally forced and not at all gelling.  The topic was “Bicycle” but the quote that came with it was something that appealed much more to me.

“Life is like riding a bicycle- in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”  Albert Einstein

It is so true too, because as soon as you become too static or stuck in you life, things just seem to fall apart.  On the plus side, that does help give you some momentum I guess, but sometimes I feel that a little more calm stillness would be lovely in my often very busy and constantly changing life.  Not that I want to stop moving forward in life, it is more a case of wishing I had a lot more balance in it.  Something that I have been seriously pondering lately is how to achieve more balance in my own life?

I think it is a question a lot of people are faced with after going through some major life changes (kids/disability diagnosis/serious illness/marriage/kids leaving home/you know the big changes in life) or even after they realize that their own personal balance, for whatever reason is seriously skewed.  It is simple really, to be a balanced happy individual, you need to have a good sense of balance in  your life.  There needs to be a sense at least of everyone’s needs being meet/acknowledged.  Something I have realized for myself is that over the last few years I have really allowed a large part of myself to go unacknowledged and under appreciated by me.

My creativity, my inner artist, that thing that drove me to move across the country by myself, to a city I knew no one when I had just turned 17. Something that has previously been such a driving force in my life, has been temporarily been pushed aside to make room to raise my beautiful children.  There just wasn’t a lot of space left in my head except for that.  That is fine, and it was the right thing at the time.  Recently what I am acknowledging to myself is that the time is becoming right for me to honor those dreams, desires and aspirations again.  So I have been doing serious pondering on how I could do that beyond what I have already been doing with my blog.  As soon as I figure that out, I will know where to go next.  I hope.  So this week since the quote was the thing that was so inspiring, I thought I would do it up to put on my studio wall, to remind myself that moving forward, in whatever form, really is the only viable option.


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