The Lesson of the week…

This week the Illustration Friday Challenge was “Lesson” and the quote that came with it was

“But the ultimate lesson is just sit down and write.  That’s all.”   Wole Soyinka   (or draw as the case may be…)

It is really interesting timing to get a quote like that coming up for me.  I was doing a lot of writing leading up to starting this blog, but once I had started it, a large part of that writing dropped off for numerous different reasons.  Some I could control or influence and others I just couldn’t.  I am still writing daily but it is not to the degree that I have wanted, and more importantly I’m not finishing the stories or projects that I had planned to.  So 10,000 words into a story I have just stopped… lost faith and self-belief and suddenly that chorus of inner critics becomes louder then anything else.  Sometimes it seems like once that momentum stops, it can feel almost impossible to get it going again.  You lose perspective and focus.  But something strange and wonderful has started to happen out of doing this blog, I had planned to structure most of the posts around the Illustration Friday Visual challenges, and I have, but the recent feedback from people has been very interesting and inspiring for me.

I have been getting some lovely, positive feedback, which has been nice, but the surprising thing from my perspective has been that people seem to genuinely like my writing.  For me writing has been a deep, dark,  secret fantasy that I never really believed, for a really long time anyway, that I would be able to do anything with, or even get other people to read it.  Willingly of course.  But the comments that I have been getting out of the blue from people is how much they have been enjoying the writing aspect of my blog.  The really strange thing is that the writing is the easiest part for me.  When I just sit down to do it, the words are always there, and in fact is is usually just time restraints that means the posts are as short as they are.  Otherwise I really could go on even more.

So I have decided to take that “Lesson” to heart this week as a reminder to just sit down and write more.  I am going to start giving myself little deadlines as well, and commit to sharing some of my stories soon.  Very soon in fact.  I’ve started another story and this weeks Visual challenge for Illustration Friday is an initial sketch of my main character Melantha Hargrave.  She’s going to star in a paranormal/urban fantasy type thing.  I guess you never really out-grow the sci-fi/fantasy geek thing.  Thank goodness.  I often sketch my characters to make them more rounded and real in my mind.  Also while I do it, it helps me “flesh them out” more.  And its just fun. 


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