We are going on a Safari, kinda…

This week”s Illustration Friday topic was “Safari”, no quote, just Safari.  I had a ton of ideas at first, but as often happens none of them seemed to “gel” enough to work through to any kind of finished visual that I was happy with.  Then last night as I was falling asleep I had two very different visuals pop into my half asleep brain.  So I have done two quick sketches and I’m going to include both pictures.  The first one is of a little girl, waiting for her friend to come over and play a  Safari game with her.  Waiting on the front steps…just waiting… 

The next picture was a weird surreal nighttime scene, “Midnight Safari”, probably in a suburban backyard instead of the African Wilderness.  They were both a lot of fun to just do.  Quickly and without over thinking anything.  I didn’t have a heap of headspace for too much over thinking this week.  Sometimes that can work out. 

As usual it’s been a kinda crazy hectic week, and it can get hard to maintain perspective.  To keep that long term goal in mind.  This week it’s been hard for me to maintain that long term goal for everything, from my writing and creative process, right through to child rearing.   I am still tired from being unwell I think, but in amongst those momentary, drama-filled storms of life, whether they are tantrums (mine or the kids) or attacks of confidence and self-belief, perspective seems to be the first thing that goes.  Sometimes it is a determined slog to regain it.  I’ve decided that as long as my loss of perspective and faith is momentary then that’s fine.  Being aware of it helps.  Life is filled of wonder and beauty and it’s important to remind myself of that.


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