The feeling is Soaked

This weeks Illustration Friday topic was ‘Soaked’, which at first wasn’t really triggering off any interesting visuals.  I only really got woman’s faces after or during a downpour, or in a bathtub.  Ideas which while not necessarily bad, when I tried to work them up a bit compositionally didn’t really pan out.  Then I had a vision of a more abstract take on the topic, of a woman soaked with emotion.  I loved the composition of it, I had some new paints and a canvas, so I decided to paint it.  It’s been awhile since I have pushed myself to get a painting this size done, conceptually and physically done in the week for Illustration Friday.  But I had the urge to paint and I needed to get this out.  I’m slowly learning not to fight that urge, to embrace it and see where it leads.

The lighting wasn’t the best, so I’m not totally happy with the photo.  I might redo the photo tomorrow if I have the chance.  I’m also not 100% sure that it is totally finished, but I am proud that I got as much done this week as I did.  I had a wonderful pearly white and as usual worked from the 3 primary colours, it was fun trying to paint a body for the first time in 10 years.

Sometimes you’ve just got to work with that emotion that’s soaking through every part of who you are.  It’s there and I’m finding that it can be much easier to acknowledge it, embrace it, and find the faith to believe it’s useful, important and transient.


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