A good laugh and a long sleep


This weeks Illustration friday topic was “Asleep” and the quote that came with it was

“A good laugh and a long sleep are the best cures in the doctors book”  Irish proverb

I agree, sometimes they are the only things that will help.  The worst thing is of course, when they are the things you want and need most, but for whatever reason can’t quite get.  I thought this weeks topic gave me an opportunity to do an artwork based on my son, as I had previously done one on my daughter.  They were fun to do, but at the same time quite hard because I know the subjects so well, and am still seriously upskilling my techniques as I have been really out of practice with my art.

Trying to get a photo of my son laughing was hard, getting him to laugh is so easy, he is a generally very happy boy.  He would giggle, smile, but by the time my camera took the actual photo, all I would capture was the top of his head.  He gets a bit overwhelmed by faces and emotions at times and so sometimes, even when he is the most engaged with you, he is only looking at you out of the corner of his eye, if he is looking at all.  But that engagement is there, it’s a connection, you can almost see it between you when that true engagement happens.  These days getting that to happen is so much easier and much more frequent.  When he first got diagnosed with Autism, those moments were depressingly short and rare.  All the more treasured for it though.  A future with a constantly anxious, withdrawn and plain unhappy child loomed large at first after that diagnosis.  Mixed up with the pain of seeing your child lose physical and mental skills, their humour, their language, their laugh.  That powerlessness that so many parents experiance for such a variety of reasons.

With time and so much energy I am happy to say that my son, whilst not talking, communicates easily, is mainly happy and calm, and his humour is definitely evident.  He is a blessing and his personality shines for anyone willing to take the time…


One thought on “A good laugh and a long sleep

  1. We finally got a camera with a sport setting. It helped for getting those elusive smile pix, but you can’t use the flash with that setting, so it’s not a perfect solution. I totally understand the powerlessness you talk about. We had/have that too. Sigh.

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